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Most people today will not want to tell you their actual age. This is because in one way or the other they wish they were a bit younger than their actual age. With this in mind everybody today is trying as much as possible to look young. The skin is one of the most important parts of our body that can reveal our age bracket even without us saying it.

Different people experience skin wrinkling at various times of their lives. Although in most cases it starts being experience at the age of 30 years. The wrinkles are caused by different reasons including the strong ultra-violet rays of the sun or actual aging.

Below is an illustration of how your smooth, tender skin develops wrinkles as years pass by:

Ages 1-30

The skin tone remains as it is with very minimal variations. There will be no spots on the face, tiny wrinkles might occur in a few people, but they will not be all that noticeable if one cannot take a close and keen look at themselves. The skin color might change mostly during or after puberty although this will be very minimal.

Ages 30-40

The skin tone changes and can be noticed on looking at yourself maybe in a mirror. Spots also begin to develop slowly. There maybe line on the face mostly on the forehead.

Age 30-40

The skin color becomes conspicuous with wrinkles being present even when the face is not moving. The outer blood vessels that are near the skin begin to become eminent.

Ages 50 and older

The signs and skin effects mentioned before become prominent and severe concerning appearance.

There are several ways people have been using to prevent and cure this wrinkled skin. This has included the use of some specific skin-care products that are applied to the body. It is, however, important for to visit a skin doctor for a medical examination before using any of the products. This may help reduce the side effects that are usually accompanied by side products that are not prescribed.

Most doctors of late have advanced in the treatment of skin diseases and you a more modern, current and evolved method of treating the skin damage from aging and the intense rays of the sun. Erbium laser is a process that is designed to mainly remove lines and wrinkles that are near the surface of the skin or moderately thick.

The Erbium laser procedure is less painful as compared to the previous ones and it is safe. This is usually done in hospitals where the doctors work. The procedure has fewer effects of heat on the skin tissues. This helps the doctor remove the vapor in the damaged skin cells of the skin so as to remove the wrinkles.

Within a week after the procedure is done by a skin doctor, the patient will have their skin restored to a youthful appearing skin. The method has been proved, and it is very reliable. The few who have had the experience of restoring their skin have appreciated this new procedure.

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