Whitworth thread gauges and NPT gauges- Comprehensively covered!

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NPT thread plug gauge

It was in 1841 that Sir Joseph Whitworth devised a specialized thread measuring tool primarily for BSF and BSW threads. And the name of that tool was Whitworth thread gauges. This post will incorporate facts concerning this highly popular thread gage. So read closely!

Whitworth thread gauges – an introduction

This type of threading tool is radically employed in the States and Brit Nation. It consists of a hexagonal bolt tip. And along with that, it also has its nut size which mirrors BSW and BSF abiding the Imperial Unit Screw Thread Standards.

Along with meeting up the requirements of British Standard Whitworth and British Standard Fine thread, Whitworth thread gauges also work well with UNC thread gauges.

Going deep into its specifics:

Whitworth threads are considered to be the primary National Screw Thread standard worldwide.

  • Standard thread angle revealed -55⁰angle at the peak and valley.
  • Its side flanks consist of an angle of Θ = 27.5° vertical to its axis point.
  • With p as its ‘Pitch’, depth of its thread showed 0.640327p and radius- 0.137329p
  • Diameter is denoted in inches and TPI (Thread per Inch) indicates the pitch.

Its 2 types:

Whitworth thread gauges are available both in the form of GO and NO-GO threading gauges.

  • With GO thread gauges, you measure the thread diameter
  • NO-GO gauges aid in doing the same thing but for a much larger thread.

Threading specialists have stated that to attain complete precision in your operation; one should employ both these types together.

One crucial note-

  • If the GO gauge, seems to fit the thread properly, it means the work is great and will be accepted
  • If the NO-GO gage, does the same thing- it means the complete opposite.

Whitworth thread gauges along with its availability in NO-GO and GO are also obtainable in RH and LH (right hand and left hand)

Another popular option for threading operators:

For threaders, NPT thread gauge also proves to be a great option to use for their tasks. NTP mainly stands for ‘National Pipe Taper’ and they are primarily employed for merging pipes, mechanical and low-pressure uses.

These gauges are also employed for determining seals for stream transporting pipes, hydraulic solutions, fluids and steam.

Regularly employed as Teflon tapes in the middle of threads, they are radically available in both tapered series as well as straight series.

Application – material specific:

NPT thread gauge can be utilized in various kinds of materials.

  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • PVC
  • PTFE
  • Cast Iron
  • Nylon

Its technical specs:

These gauges give out accuracy of up to 60⁰

Its taper rate is 16” in length and 1” in diameter (measured with alteration in its thickness for the thread distance).

TPI is its means of pitch measurement.

These are 2 of the popular thread gauging tools used all around. To get top rated Whitworth thread gauges as well as NPT gauges, always go for companies who specialize in its manufacturing. Accuracy is imperative in any form of construction work and a high-quality instrument id definitely primary.

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