How to convert PSD into HTML format?

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PSD stands for Photoshop Document. It is one of the popular image editing software applications. It is possible to edit photos and create designs in a very efficient way with the help of Photoshop. After creating required images, they can be saved in various formats. It is easy for web designers to create images in .psd format and they can be converted into other formats later. The conversion job is not done by designers but it is handled by developers.

Need for conversion

You can transform PSD files to HTML with or without using automated software tools. If you would like to exercise great control on the quality of the content, you should want to implement manual methods. On the other hand, you can go for automated processed to achieve conversion very quickly.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a popular markup language. Web pages will be created by using HTML. If you are familiar with HTML tags, the conversion process is made simple. As there are many versions of HTML, you should choose the latest version so that there will be better compatibility and you can make the most of your investment. HTML5 is the latest version at the moment.

If you have a graphic representation of the design, the coding will be done very easily. In order to get creative designs for your website, you should work with Photoshop and should go for coding in the later part. Thus, you will address aesthetic part as well as functional part of the website in a very efficient way. You are advised to go through popular PSD to HTML/CSS Tutorial so that the conversion can be done as per your needs.

Photoshop advantage

There are different color schemes in Photoshop. Various design elements can be experimented in this process. The greatest advantage with Photoshop design is that you will save time. Instead of jumping into coding, you should complete the design so that the overall website can be developed very quickly.

Special effects which cannot be created through coding can be accomplished through Photoshop. Thus, you can create textual content in HTML and Photoshop will take the responsibility of images. As there are different approaches for conversions, you can go through complete PSD to HTML Conversion Tutorial to understand various ways and the most appropriate way can be selected for your needs.

The designs in PSD format can be stripped in various ways before converting them to HTML. You should be aware of the available options so that Photoshop files can be converted into html files very easily. You can try the html coding yourself if you have little programming skills. New comers will be ready to explore html tags and powerful applications can be created in an effortless manner.

On the other hand, you can depend upon automated tools if you think that coding is too much for you. However, you should be prepared for certain level of compromise as pixel-perfect conversion is a difficult achievement.

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