How Bhatti’s counseling gives You Better Career Options?

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Are you wishing to pursue further studies abroad? Are you an Indian and who wish to get a job with a multinational company of repute and good pay? Then you have to spot the difference between good career counseling and a bad one. If you do so in earnest then you will come to know while browsing over the Internet that there is only one such name that has good record and vast experience in this field and the name is Gurinder Bhatti. If you think that you haven’t really got it then you must know first that it is not quite easy to get into a reputed foreign institution or university even if you have good marks in school. Even while pursuing a course you need to know that there are several hurdles to cross and only a capable and highly experienced consultant would be able to get you the visa and overcome other technical hurdles on the way.

Systematic steps to get you there

It is not cake walk to well known foreign universities and colleges especially when you are coming from a developing nation. Apart from finance, you need to understand the educational system abroad and the ways that you may pursue your studies. So, what are the difficulties that students are likely to face while applying directly? If you are an individual you must have someone out there to help you and even if you do so you will get this only for a short time.

Secondly you should be able to cross the hurdle of visa, finance, course selection and choice of universities and college and also support for accommodation. These are a few things that could discourage most aspirants for higher education. It is here that you will find that the site at is a highly browsed one among students as it would readily answer most of your queries.

You will find that Gurinder Bhatti ESS Global as one of the top recruiters of students from India markedly for those seeking courses abroad. As visa problem may are quite bothersome you may browse the contents giving their details at

Yet if you were to understand the best course that you would need in order to get quick employment with good pay then you will need to visit their office for a personal interview with Bhatti.

Assessing your potentials and limits

When you meet Bhatti you will come to know as to how to proceed with your studies. Already you must have formed an idea yet when you meet him you will understand the types of course that have better job potentials and also the expenses in doing them. You will become more knowledgeable after the interview and this may remove whatever doubt you had previously held in your mind.

At Gurinder Bhatti ESS Visa you will get full assistance regarding visa, finance, finding accommodation, money transfer processes and other guidelines and options. You will get the best career guidance, scholarship guidance, financial guidance and course guidance here too.


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