The Bachelor of Pharmacology is a detailed five-year course

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A doctor is the most important person in the treatment of any patient. The nurses come in the second place. The pharmacists have their own position in providing health care. They have as much importance in the chain as the nurses and doctors do. Therefore, a degree such as the Bachelor in Pharmacology has great demand in the Al-Nasser University in Yemen.

Many people tend to underestimate the role of the pharmacists in this cycle. One can state that these pharmacologists have greater knowledge about a particular medicine’s chemical combination in comparison to a doctor or a nurse. Doctors may not have an idea about the alternatives available in the market. However, the pharmacist is the right person to suggest alternative medicines in case the original one is not available on stock.

This course is equal to the medical course in the sense that it is a five-year course. This course deals in detail about the production of medicines, their chemical combination, and formula, the effect of the drug on the body, etc. Many things go into the production of the medicines. The medicines have a strength quotient. The pharmacist is the right person to judge the strength quotient.

Let us see what the courses have on offer.

The pharmacist plays a major role in the manufacture of the medicines in the right dosages. Hence, he should have adequate knowledge of biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics, etc. It is imperative that the student understands the chemical formulation of the medicines. Hence, the course contains details of medicinal chemistry as well.

Every drug in the world can have side effects depending on the body composition of the patient. The pharmacologist should have deep knowledge about the drug metabolism. The bachelors’ degree programs in pharmacy go onto deep details of this aspect. This is because a wrong dosage can have disastrous repercussions.

One of the major subjects of this course is the knowledge of the toxic effects of the drugs. Sometimes, a patient can experience allergic reactions to medicines. This course helps the student to gain deep knowledge about the toxicity factor in the medicines.

Manufacturing of medicines is one aspect of pharmacology. One has to learn to maintain a pharmacy and administer the medicines through the pharmacy. This requires knowledge about maintenance of the requisite stock, judging the demand from the hospitals, checking out on the expiry dates of the medicines, maintaining proper record of the accounts of the pharmacy, etc. This course provides detailed training in these aspects as well.

This is a computer age. Hence, you see all the pharmacy courses teaching the aspects of maintaining the records on computers.

The best aspect of the Bachelor of Pharmacology is that it allows the students to pursue research activities whereby they can proceed to become a Ph.D. The Al-Nasser University conducts these five-year courses. There is a high demand for these courses in the market among the students. Hence, you can find a high degree of competition to gain admission in this course.

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