What should your granny Flat design contain?

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Though granny flat is a fancy idea that is becoming increasingly popular, many people still have their questions with regard to the granny flat design. What exactly should your granny flat design contain?

One of the key factors that defines a granny flat is its self-contained nature. The flat should contain everything for a single person to run a smooth life. It has to be independent. It has to offer privacy and it should also be giving a sense of freedom to the person using it.

How many bedrooms should be included in a granny flat? As these types of flats are meant to be for single occupancy, most of the designs include only one bedroom. Unless you want to use your granny flat for your kids’ accommodation, single bedroom is the norm. If you have more than one kid to accommodate then you can go for more bedrooms.

When you are going for granny flat investments check whether the following areas are also included in the granny flat design. Fully furnished kitchen will be very much part of the granny flats. You should be able to accommodate complete cooking setup, at least all the basic equipment for cooking and storing cooking utensils.

It should have a bath, as it designed for single occupancy, it could be attached to the bedroom unless you have other plans in mind. It is not uncommon to have separate bath in granny flats. In case you want to use for guest accommodation for a night or two, you can accommodate more than one person and still not affect the privacy of the others when you have a separate bath.  It is important to think long term and a variety of situations when you are building your granny flat.

Do not forget to include a decent sized living area where you can have a television other entertainment options. Added to that, there should also be a separate space for laundry.

One of the best parts about these granny flats is that they have very basic amenities. Simplicity is the key here. Granny flats are meant to be small and functional. It does not use the space too lavishly. Moreover, budget will also be a great concern here. The larger the space, higher will be the budget. So when you are planning for granny flat investments, first list the ways in which you are planning to use. Do not limit yourself just for the immediate needs but you should also look further into the future when you are making your plans so that you will not be forced to make alterations in just few years. Careful planning will help you reduce the expenses and rework down the line. Work with an experienced construction company that specializes in granny flats. You will be able to get better results when you have a reputed service provider to support you. So do not just go with any random company but choose carefully.


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