Confused what to gift? Singapore Florist solves the problem!

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Hand Bouquet

Flowers are obviously more beautiful on plants and trees. But, they also do look marvellous in your vase. Imagine long-stemmed lilies or orchids sitting in the corner of your window. Now, suppose someone presents you a bouquet. Do you feel happy? Yes, you do! This is the miracle of the online florist.

Just plucking some flowers and tying it with a ribbon does not match to what experts do. The tasks of florists are hard as it includes;

  • Selecting the suitable flowers.
  • Sorting the flowers that match with other types.
  • Decorating them in a stylish way.

As, effortless as that sounds, it is practically not. So, have a look into some occasions where Singapore Florist works wonders.

Days when florist delivers flowers:

#Celebrating teachers Day:

A special day but, it is not appropriate if you gift something materialistic to your teacher. So, flowers and cards are the best way to convey love, respect and thoughtfulness.

#Celebrating Mother’s Day:

There are numerous varieties of things you can gift your mum. But a fresh bouquet of orchids or her favourite flowers can make her day. It is a way to express the love you bear for her.

Assuming that you don’t stay with your mother, imagine how she would feel to receive a bouquet on this day? That’s how you make her feel special just by placing your order to the online florist.

#The day of celebrating love:

No matter how expensive your gift is, a bunch of red roses will fetch you the smile you expect to see on your valentine’s face. Hence, roses of red, pink, purple colour work the best.

#Say congratulations in best way:

Singapore Florist also has facilities to ship hampers, hand bouquet, wines and liquor, fruits and flowers. No wonder, the person will prefer these to showpieces as gifts.

#Wish for quick recovery:

You know, that flowers also remind the receiver of the sender. It is embarrassing if you fail to visit your closed ones while they are sick. However, a small bouquet can mark your presence and make the person feel enthusiastic to get better.

Apart from these occasions, there are many festivals where you can present flowers; Birthdays, Mid-autumn, Chinese new year, Weddings, Funeral, Christmas and much more.

Choosing the right kind of flowers for a particular occasion is also necessary. Neither you can offer your girlfriend Marigold on the first date, nor can you present red roses in a funeral. Hence, Florists are experts in picking up the satisfactory choices for your occasion in case you are confused.

Apart from flowers and bouquets, Singapore Florist also has other products to offer, like;

  • Artificial flowers and plants; for home or office décor.
  • Baby gifts; for baby showers and birth.
  • Gourmet, Chocolate, cakes, teddies; for loves ones.
  • Table arrangements; for small parties.
  • Plants rental.
  • Fruit basket; for senior people or sick people.

You can also select add-ons with your chosen items. You can add- Soft toys, heart pillows, handmade beads jewellery, and balloons depending on the person you are going to send and of course, the purpose.

Even if you are away from the occasion, it is kind of depressing though, but you can ship flowers or gifts to them to remind them that you have not forgotten the day.

Flowers are a beautiful medium to convey expressions and feelings which words fail to do most of the time. Every individual loves to feel special and presenting flowers is the only way to make them feel great. So, contact the best florist online and send your wishes anytime.


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