Where to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors?

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Do you use cannabis regularly for medicinal needs or for recreational purposes then you might want to consider growing cannabis at home. If you are already considering this, then you are likely to face a dilemma with regard to growing cannabis. Invariably everyone who ventures into cannabis cultivation crosses this phase, where to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors?

For someone who is new, this could prove to be a tough situation. To make your decision, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of both methods only then you could be making well-informed decisions. This is not a decision that you will make by drawing lot. If you have stoner friends you could consult with them because they are probably cultivating cannabis at home and they would have travelled the same path that you are travelling now. They will have experience trying both methods and you could take advantage of their experience.

To get started, first let us look at outdoor cannabis cultivation.  This is in fact the easiest way to get started with cannabis cultivation. You need to first look for a spot where you will get plenty of sunlight. This spot should be left undisturbed by pets and other birds. If you can such a spot in your house then you can get started. Find good quality outdoor cannabis seeds. You will have to closely monitor the growth of the plants so that your plants are not affected by pests and other air borne diseases.

In case of indoor cultivation, you may need to put in little more efforts in getting things started. Firstly you will need good lighting system. You will need full spectrum light, humidifier, temperature controller and so on. You will need to provide an environment that simulates outdoor conditions. This of course involves lot more efforts and investment. You will have to take into account such factors while growing cannabis indoors. However, you will have better control over pests and other diseases.

Make sure that you have assessed both methods, their pros and cons before you decide. If you do not have outdoor space then this step is not required obviously. On the other hand if you should have the option then rather than regretting later it is best to assess in advance.

For indoor cultivation you should choose seeds that are meant for indoor cultivation needs. Furthermore, you should also understand that whether it is indoor cultivation or outdoor cultivation there are number of genetic strains available for each method. Look into such genetic strains and pick a genetic variety that will grow well in your area. In the beginning look for varieties that are easy to grow and as you go further, you will be able to pick up other challenging varieties. Do not hesitate to explore different varieties once you have learnt the growth cycle. It is worth the effort and time that you invest because soon you will be having unlimited supply of cannabis.


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