Mistakes to Watch Out for During Writing Competitions

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Have you ever wondered why some writers win while others don’t yet their essays or stories are great? Or, why would a judge select a story over another story? Judges of writing contests are usually after something extra. Many judges reject some stories because they talk about well-trodden themes, for instance, murder, abduction, or love. Writers are exhorted to employ a different approach if they want to make stories out of these themes.

There are many contestants who fail to proofread their entries. A lot of stories submitted during writing competitions are really good but they end up being rejected because of spelling mistakes, misused words, grammatically incorrect sentences and grammar errors. Writers should make sure that their stories are professionally proofread and edited. Using extraneous words is also something writers need to watch out for. Every word being written counts, so it is important to use the words appropriately.

If the story has nothing new, most judges will automatically reject it even if the grammar and sentence structures are just fine. Every judge needs a story that contains new insight or idea. Now, as a writer or author, you need to take an appealing approach on the topic given and use appropriate words for your writing to pop. In addition, it is essential you go extra mile. For example, you need to choose words and characters with caution and plot the story seamlessly and beautifully. This is what actually creates the ‘wow’ factor.

The way story is plotted and how the characters are selected play a vital role in final scoring. The story needs to be plotted in such a way that it creates visual pictures in judges’ minds. Most judges agree that the winning stories are that that have satisfactory resolution. The story shouldn’t leave the judge asking; ‘what was that?’ the story needs to create concrete images as well as ideas and communicate with the reader.

Just as stated previously, it is vital you choose the words appropriately. This is a top rule for many writing competitions. Don’t use words that that are hard to understand. Also, you need to avoid making typos mistakes or sloppy presentation. Another major problem is lack of originality or uniqueness. Many entries are also being rejected if the guidelines or rules of the contest haven’t been followed. Wordiness is also a major mistake writers make. A story is likely to make no point or create outdated lingo making it very boring if it is long. Writing short story and to the point is better but it is important you meet the word count.

Many stories, essays or novels don’t succeed in writing contents because of poor writing, lack of credibility as well as originality and editing. It is not recommended to write on something you know nothing about. Plus, you need to prepare well before entering the contest. The first thing you should do is do some research and check some of the previous winning stories or essays so that you know what the judges expect.

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